Antique Turkish Anatolian Tribal Rug
5’8″ x 12’5″


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The Antique Turkish Anatolian Tribal Rug is a captivating piece that reflects the rich cultural heritage and nomadic traditions of the Anatolian region in Turkey. This antique rug showcases the unique characteristics and artistry of tribal weaving, making it a cherished testament to the history and craftsmanship of Anatolian tribes.

The design of the Anatolian Tribal Rug is characterized by its bold and geometric patterns, often featuring stylized floral motifs, animal figures, and tribal symbols. These motifs are meticulously hand-woven with skill and precision, reflecting the traditional techniques and cultural significance of the Anatolian tribes.

The color palette of the tribal rug is typically vibrant and diverse, featuring rich reds, deep blues, warm oranges, and earthy browns. These colors, derived from natural dyes, exude a sense of vibrancy and vitality, enhancing the visual impact of the rug.

One of the distinctive aspects of the Anatolian Tribal Rug is its unique story. Passed down through generations, this antique rug carries the spirit and history of the nomadic tribes, often exhibiting signs of age, wear, and repair. These elements add to its authenticity and charm, telling a captivating narrative of its journey.

The Anatolian Tribal Rug is not only a decorative floor covering but also a cultural artifact. Its craftsmanship and design evoke a sense of connection to the ancient traditions and nomadic lifestyle of the Anatolian tribes, making it a treasured piece of heritage.

The Antique Turkish Anatolian Tribal Rug brings a touch of exoticism and authenticity to any space. Whether placed in a contemporary setting or used to add character to a traditional interior, it becomes a captivating focal point that tells a story and adds a sense of cultural richness to your home.

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5'8" x 12'5" (1.73m x 3.78m)






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5’8″ x 12’5″”

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