Bakshaish Rugs

Bakshaish Rugs

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Bakshaish rugs, also known as Bakshaish carpets, are light village rugs woven in the Bakshaish region of East Azerbaijan province in northwestern Iran.

History of Bakshaish Rugs:

Bakshaish is one of the cities in East Azerbaijan province of Iran. This city has a mountainous climate with cold and long winters and warm summers. Approximately one-third of the 5,000 inhabitants of this city are engaged in carpet weaving and related occupations. This city is one of the oldest carpet-weaving areas in East Azerbaijan, Iran. The history of carpets in this region dates back to the Safavid era (16th century), which is one of the reasons for the fame and credibility of handwoven rugs in this region.

Characteristics of Bakshaish Rugs:

Material and Quality: Many carpets from this region have been showcased in various museums around the world due to their unique designs, high quality, and striking patterns. One of the main reasons for such quality is the use of high-quality, handspun and natural colors. These natural colors, with their wide variety, create more attractive designs and patterns, providing suitable options for decorating living and working environments. From the past to the present, by implementing various designs, using different colors, the beauty of rugs in this region has been enhanced.

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Design and Patterns: Another characteristic of Bakshaish carpets, as well as Heriz carpets, is authenticity in design and patterns. These designs have been used by carpet weavers in these regions for many years. The design structure of modern Bakshaish rugs has less diversity compared to the past and mostly features a style of repeating patterns and motifs. The Heriz designs commonly include stylized floral and geometric patterns, with colors such as red, navy, brick, plum, and camel being common in Bakshaish rugs.

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Knot Type: The use of the Turkish knot and symmetrical knot with cotton and wool warp and weft has been employed. Although Bakshaish carpets are less flexible, they are of very high quality.











The 6 Key Features features of Bakshaish rugs include:

  • Global reputation and prestige
  • High-quality weaving
  • Wide variety of designs and patterns
  • Diverse natural colors
  • Use of high-quality natural fibers
  • Affordable prices.

The difference between Bakshaish Rugs and Heriz Rugs:

Modern Persian Heriz Serapi Area Rug 9727
Heriz Rug
Tribal Persian Bakhshaish Area Rug 9718
Bakhshaish Rug

Bakshaish and Heriz are two cities in East Azerbaijan province in Iran. The rugs from Bakshaish are often known by the name Heriz rugs as well, due to cultural and historical reasons. While they share some similarities, Bakshaish rugs have their own distinct characteristics and features. It is even said that Heriz rugs have been more influenced by the designs and patterns of Bakshaish rugs.

The main difference between handwoven Bakshaish rugs and Heriz rugs lies in their patterns and designs. Bakshaish rugs typically feature botanical and geometric designs with a focus on large and open patterns. These rugs are known for their natural and soft colors such as blue, red, and ivory.

In contrast, handwoven Heriz rugs usually have central medallion designs surrounded by intricate geometric patterns. These rugs use attractive colors like red, blue, and vibrant green, and typically showcase eye-catching and bold patterns.

Furthermore, Bakshaish rugs tend to use fewer curved lines and instead opt for geometric shapes and straight, broken lines, while Heriz rugs feature central medallion designs and complex geometric patterns that display straight and angular designs.

In conclusion:

Bakshaish rugs are lightweight village rugs from northwest Iran, known for their high-quality weaving, natural dyes, attractive designs, and affordable prices. They have distinct patterns and designs compared to Heriz rugs. takes pride in utilizing its multi-generational experience to showcase high-quality, beautiful, and authentic Bakshaish rugs to visitors of the website. This contributes to promoting and introducing more of the cultural and artistic heritage of handwoven rugs.