Fine Rug with A Visual Tale of Human Creation
5’6 “x 7’9”


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Fine Rug with A Visual Tale of Human Creation:

Around 24 years ago, a talented artist from Isfahan embarked on a creative journey, culminating in the creation of a truly unique carpet that transcends mere artistry. This handwoven Isfahan carpet not only serves as a masterpiece of design but also tells a captivating story of human creation. The intricate depiction showcases the evolution of man, beginning with a man and a woman and extending to their descendants above them. Symbolizing the cycle of life and the interconnectedness of generations, this carpet is a visual testament to the essence of humanity.

Crafted from superfine wool and luxurious silk, boasting a knot density of approximately 900 knots per square meter, this contemporary piece is a marvel of craftsmanship. The inclusion of a silk warp lends a radiant sheen to the carpet, elevating its elegance and allure. The three-dimensional effect created at the edge of the design through skillful color combinations adds a depth that captivates the eye, encapsulating the profound essence of existence within its intricate patterns.

Utilizing only herbal dyes sourced from nature, the carpet features a rich and vibrant color palette that further enhances its visual appeal. Measuring 1.70m x 2.40m, this versatile piece is poised to grace any space with its exquisite design, offering a touch of sophistication and cultural richness. With a fixed price of USD 15,000.00, seize the opportunity to own this singular Isfahan silk warp carpet from Persia/Iran, aptly named “Humanity.”

With only one piece available in our inventory, this masterpiece is a rare chance to infuse your living space with the timeless beauty and tradition of Persian craftsmanship. Your purchase includes careful packing, a certificate of authenticity, and a color palette for potential future repairs, ensuring that you receive an authentic and high-quality 6.64 square meter Isfahan rug that embodies both beauty and history. Care instructions: Please refer to the article “How to Care for Handwoven Rugs?”

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Wool & Silk



Additional Info

Origin: Persian Rugs
Knot density: Approx.900 knots per m
Age Contemporary: 2000
Materials: Super fine wool (50%) and Silk(50%)
Warp: Silk
Manufacturing: Knotted by hand
Size: 5'6 "x 7'9" (1.70 m* 2.40 m)
Style: Isfahan silk warp carpet from Persia / Iran
Herbal Dyeing: All Natural
Name of carpet: Humanity

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5’6 “x 7’9””

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