Fine Tribal Persian Bakhshaish Area Rug
9′ x 12′


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Fine Tribal Persian Bakshaish Area Rug:

Tribal Persian Bakshaish Area Rug, The best Bakshaish rugs have a unique tribal quality and charm that goes beyond the beautiful colors and patterns. These magnificent Persian rugs were created by the people who lived east of the city of Tabriz in northwest Persia. The region is characterized by a harsh mountainous terrain. Bakshaish is one of the oldest rug weaving village areas in what is now known today as Azerbaijan.

One of the characteristics that makes rugs in this region stand out is their abstract renditions of traditional tribal and classic rug designs. They are often larger rugs, but they have the same character and charm that you often find in smaller rugs around the region.

One thing that makes this Bakshaish carpet stand out is that it strays from the traditional red and blue background colors and, instead, uses a lite ivory color. This creates a wonderful juxtaposition and allows the the large-scale tribal motifs to stand. The Tribal Persian Bakshaish rug has a folk art character that gives it charm and a unique character that it will bring to the rest of the space.

The design of the rug is both balanced and spontaneous. The rug patterns and design motifs repeat, but the artist shows different colors and varied them with each repetition. The border of the Bakshaish rug has an almost child parents as you would find surrounding the formal reflecting pools in the courtyard of palaces.

This carpet has a charming design with a garden theme that will bring a touch of nature to your indoor space. The overall feel of the tribal Persian rug is both warm and serene.

This is a beautiful piece to add to any formal or contemporary home decor and room setting. It would make an excellent foundation for a formal dining room or conversation area. But regardless of how or where you choose to display and use this captivating Modern Bakshaish carpet, it will be sure to transform your setting and elevate the beauty of its surroundings.

Your purchase includes careful packing, a certificate of authenticity,  ensuring that you receive an authentic and high-quality hand made rug that embodies both beauty and history.

Care instructions: Please refer to the article “How to Care for Handwoven Rugs?”

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9' x 12" (2.74 m x 3.66 m)






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9′ x 12′”

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