Exquisite Isfahan Handwoven Silk and Wool Rug: Unleashing Elegance and Luxury
3’28 “x 9’84”




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Exquisite Isfahan Handwoven Silk and Wool Rug:

This handwoven carpet features high-quality craftsmanship and a beautiful design. With a knot density of approximately 800 knots per square meter, it is made of soft and luxurious Australian wool and silk, giving it an exceptionally soft and delicate texture. The silk pile highlights the premium quality of the carpet.

The design of this carpet is a repetitive pattern depicting flowers and birds, adding a special beauty and grandeur to it. With a background in golden and cream colors, this carpet has a delicate and elegant appearance that can enhance the interior design of any space.

This Isfahan carpet with silk pile from Iran is produced using completely natural, plant-based dyes, showcasing respect for the environment and the use of natural materials. Being a contemporary piece, it incorporates the latest technologies in its production, resulting in superior quality and appearance.

Measuring 1.00 meters by 3.00 meters, this carpet is suitable for large rooms and open spaces. As a unique and artistic piece, it can serve as a focal point and add beauty to any interior space.

Your purchase includes careful packing, a certificate of authenticity, and a color palette for potential future repairs, ensuring that you receive an authentic and high-quality 3 square meter Isfahan rug that embodies both beauty and history.

Care instructions: Please refer to the article “How to Care for Handwoven Rugs?”

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Wool & Silk



Additional Info

Origin: Persian Rugs
Knot density: Approx.800 knots per m
Age Contemporary: 2018
Materials: Super fine wool (50%) and Silk(50%)
Warp: Silk
Manufacturing: Knotted by hand
Size: 3'28 "x 9'84" (1.0 m* 3.0 m)
Style: Isfahan silk warp carpet from Persia / Iran
Herbal Dyeing: All Natural
Name of carpet: flower and bird
Design Type: Repetition rugs

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3’28 “x 9’84””

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