Stunning Isfahan Rug Inspired by 17th Century Tiling
4’11” x 7’4″




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Introducing our Stunning Isfahan Rug Inspired by 17th Century Tiling, This exquisite carpet embodies a beautiful blend of warm colors in its background, complemented by a classical Iranian art style with an unfettered border, much like an unframed painting.

The background pattern of this masterpiece, known as Zal al-Sultan, is crafted entirely from silk. Its soft, warm hues imbue a tranquil and delightful ambiance, while geometric motifs with high-contrast colors evoke memories of Safavid-era tile art in Iran.

With a high knot count of 900 knots per meter, the texture of this carpet matches the dimensions 4’98” * 7’38” and quality of other renowned works from Isfahan.

Care instructions: Please read the article “How to Care for Handwoven Rugs?”

Packing contents: An authentic and high-quality 3.42-square meter Isfahan rug, Rug Certificate, along with a palette of colors used in the rug for future repairs if needed. Your satisfaction is always important to us!

Additional information


4'11" x 7'4" (1.52 m x 2.25 m)


Wool & Silk



Additional Info

Origin: Persian Rugs
Knot density:approx.900 knots per m
Date First Available: 2018
Materials: Australian super fine wool num36(25%) and Silk(75%)
Warp: Silk
Manufacturing: Knotted by hand
Size: 4'11" x 7'4" (1.52 m x 2.25 m)
Style: Isfahan silk warp carpet from Persia / Iran
Inventory pieces: A pair of identical nine-meter fabrics, dyed and woven by a skilled team in Isfahan.
Inventory color: Blue background
Herbal Dyeing: All Natural
Design Type Inspired by 17th century tiling
Name of carpet: Zal al-Sultan
Special Features: ‎Easy care, Warmth, comfort, high colour fastness, Child-friendly

Special Note

*** Unavailable for purchase from the US due to trade restrictions


Green, Red