Large Zigzag Design Modern Moroccan Inspired Area Rug
10’1″ x 15’4″


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Introducing the Large Zigzag Design Modern Moroccan Inspired Area Rug in mesmerizing blue and brown hues, characterized by its high and low pile texture. This rug marries contemporary elegance with the timeless charm of Moroccan design, making it the perfect addition to transform any room into a haven of style and comfort.

The rug’s striking zigzag design and the contrasting blue and brown colors offer a myriad of interior design possibilities. Here are some ideas on how to decorate with this captivating rug:

  1. Modern Oasis: Place the rug in a room with clean, modern furniture in neutral tones. The blue and brown color palette will create a soothing, contemporary oasis, while the high and low pile texture adds depth and dimension.
  2. Moroccan Magic: Embrace the rug’s Moroccan inspiration by pairing it with ornate lanterns, decorative cushions, and wooden accents. Create a space that transports you to a Moroccan riad, filled with rich patterns and textures.
  3. Coastal Retreat: The blue and brown color scheme can evoke a coastal ambiance when combined with white or light-colored furniture. Add seashell decor, natural materials, and soft textiles for a relaxed, beach-inspired feel.
  4. Eclectic Wonderland: Mix and match styles and patterns with this rug. Combine it with a variety of furniture and decor pieces, incorporating elements from different design aesthetics to create a vibrant, eclectic space.
  5. Transitional Elegance: Use the rug to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary styles. Place it in a room with a mix of modern and classic furniture to achieve a balanced and sophisticated look.

The Large Zigzag Design Modern Moroccan Inspired Area Rug is a versatile design element that offers both aesthetic appeal and comfort. Its unique zigzag pattern and high and low pile texture make it a standout piece in any room, while the harmonious blend of blue and brown colors ensures it complements a wide range of interior design preferences. It’s the perfect canvas to let your creativity shine as you design a space that is uniquely yours.

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10'1" x 15'4" (3.07m x 4.67m)






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10’1″ x 15’4″”

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