luxurious Persian Rug Inspired by 17th Century Safavid Painting
3’77” x 3’77”


 luxurious Persian Rug Inspired by 17th Century Safavid Painting

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Introducing our luxurious carpet is more than just a symbol of Persian craftsmanship; it’s a homage to the prestigious artistic heritage of the Safavid era. Taking inspiration from the intricate patterns and motifs found in 17th-century Safavid Persian paintings, this exquisite Fine Persian Isfahan Silk Warp Carpet from Iran embodies a remarkable adaptation of that timeless beauty.

Handcrafted in 2019 by a skilled rug weaver and artist from Isfahan, this carpet pays tribute to the elegance and refinement of Safavid artistry while seamlessly integrating contemporary excellence. Painstakingly hand-knotted using a blend of Australian super fine wool num36 (30%) and silk (70%), it epitomizes the pinnacle of quality materials and craftsmanship.

This valuable Rug, as a symbol of Persian artistic achievements, commemorates the beauty of Safavid artistic accomplishments.

Every knot in this carpet tells a story of tradition, skill, and unwavering dedication to the art, while its design evokes the essence of Safavid-era artistry, resulting in a piece that transcends mere functionality to become a captivating masterpiece. Whether enhancing the ambiance of a living room, dining area, or bedroom, this Fine Persian Isfahan Silk Warp Carpet infuses warmth, sophistication, and a touch of historical grandeur into any space.

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Standard Sizes

4 x 6


3'77" x 3'77" (1.15m x 1.15m)


Wool num36 (30%), Silk (70%)



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