Modern Bakshaish Rug From Turkey
10′ x 10’10”


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The Modern Bakshaish Rug from Turkey is a captivating fusion of traditional artistry and contemporary design. Inspired by the renowned Bakshaish rugs of Persia, this modern interpretation from Turkey combines the timeless beauty of the past with a fresh, updated aesthetic.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this rug showcases a harmonious blend of classic motifs and modern elements. The design often features geometric patterns, abstract motifs, and bold color combinations, creating a visually striking composition that adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

The color palette of the Modern Bakshaish Rug is often a mix of vibrant hues and neutral tones. Deep blues, rich reds, earthy browns, and pops of vivid greens or yellows create a vibrant and dynamic visual impact. These colors are carefully selected to complement modern interior styles while maintaining a connection to the traditional roots of the Bakshaish rugs.

The quality of craftsmanship in these modern rugs is exceptional. Skilled artisans in Turkey employ traditional weaving techniques alongside contemporary materials to create a durable and long-lasting piece. The result is a rug that not only adds beauty to your space but also withstands the demands of modern living.

Versatile and adaptable, the Modern Bakshaish Rug effortlessly complements a variety of interior styles. Whether placed in a contemporary living room, a minimalist bedroom, or a chic office space, it adds a touch of artistry and sophistication.

The Modern Bakshaish Rug from Turkey is a stunning representation of the evolution of rug design. It celebrates the rich heritage of Bakshaish rugs while embracing the demands and aesthetics of modern lifestyles. With its blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary flair, this rug is a true statement piece that adds style and personality to any room.

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10' x 10'10" (3.05m x 3.30m)