Persian Malayer Area Rug
5’6″ x 9′


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This Persian Malayer Area Rug exudes an understated elegance and classic charm. Measuring 5 feet 6 inches by 9 feet, this rug boasts a refined presence that enhances any space with its subtle sophistication.

Adorned in earthy brown tones with delicate touches of pink, this rug embodies a sense of warmth and tranquility, creating a serene atmosphere that soothes the senses. The central medallion design adds a touch of traditional flair, serving as a focal point that draws the eye and anchors the room’s décor.

Handcrafted with precision and care, this rug reflects the rich heritage of Persian craftsmanship, passed down through generations. Its geometric patterns showcase the meticulous attention to detail and artistry of its makers, adding depth and dimension to its overall design.

Whether placed in a living room, dining area, or bedroom, the Persian Malayer Area Rug adds a touch of elegance and refinement to any interior space. Its versatile color palette and timeless design make it a perfect complement to a wide range of décor styles, from traditional to contemporary.

In summary, the Persian Malayer Area Rug is more than just a floor covering—it’s a masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship. With its earthy tones, central medallion design, and handcrafted construction, it adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any room, creating a welcoming haven of style and comfort.

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5'6" x 9' (1.68m x 2.74m)






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5’6″ x 9′”

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